*This post has been edited from its original form on 2/7/19.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz around Bethanochol on the PSSD Forum. On January 25th, 2019 “ZoloftHater420” wrote

So its a week for me now today.
I took the drug 4x 25mg a day.
My symptoms in the first place we’re:
-genital anesthesia ( felt like my dick is not a part of my body anymore )
– numb skin everywhere especially at the finger pits
– very less pleasure while masturbating
– hard to achieve orgasm – but possible
– pleasurless orgasm
– delayed orgasm
– low libido
– no nocturnal erections / morning wood ( at least very rare )
– couldn’t get erection without physically stimulation
* erection strength was slightly worse but okay
* was only anhedonia the first 2 month, then it was gone from alone – tried suplements but wouldn’t say the helped me.
At like the secound day I could feel that my skin weren’t as numb as before. I thougt it will be placebo maybe, so I didn’t gave it much attention. But it got better than I could ever expect.

As I said in on day 7 now.

My skin numbness and genital anesthesia is completely gone. I can feel my dick now as a part of my body again.
Also i had nocturnal erections and morning wood the last 2 days.
My orgasm is still a bit pleasurless and delayed, but very much better than before. My pleasure while masturbating is also better to a good degree – but not perfect.
I watched porn yesterday and got hard without touching.

– ZoloftHater420 – January 25th, 2018

Several other trials have started. It’s too early to make any conclusive claims about the use of Bethanechol for PSSD, but this is something that I will continue to follow closely and report about here.

Welcome back to the loggings,



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