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Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) is an under-researched condition involving the persistence of sexual side effects of SSRIs that continue after the discontinuation of the medicine for months, years, or even indefinitely. The conventional wisdom (held by the public at large and promoted by the conventions of psychiatry) is that any SSRI-related sexual dysfunction will stop after you have discontinued the medication. This site is dedicated to those who suspect they may face the lingering sexual side effects of SSRI medication.

PSSD is overwhelming at first, and you likely have a large number of questions. There is plenty of knowledge about PSSD on the internet, but it’s scattered across many sites and much of it is stored on message boards dating back to the early 2000’s.

Since the fall of 2014, I’ve been collecting research, links, and stories from around the web, and have slowly been compiling them so that a new PSSD sufferer could become educated in all aspects of PSSD knowledge and activism within a matter of weeks instead of the 2.5 years that it’s taken me to collect it.

The information on this page will be organized into the following categories:

[1] Welcome

[2] Scientific Evidence

[3] Support Communities

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Scientific Evidence

One of the first problems that people with PSSD recognize is that few people within the scientific and medical community believe that their symptoms are real. Communicating effectively with practitioners and scientists requires patience, organization, and evidence.

A quick argument for Why PSSD Exists can help you get you caught up on prominent scientific articles that support the existence of PSSD, as well as testimonies from doctors and scientists from around the world.

I’ve written my own basic PSSD Theory from the research that I’ve done in the past 4 years, and more recently created a 30 minute video that introduces my theory of 5-HT1A auto-receptor desensitization.

I’m working on new research and this site is a place where I hope to collaborate with others both inside the scientific community, and with sufferers of PSSD.

I’ve thrown together a list of What’s Been Tried, and a list of Possible Treatments. Please remember that these are not professional or medical suggestions, but simply a list of personal testimonies that I’ve collected from the internet.

Section 3

Support Communities

PSSD is scary, and especially so at the beginning when you lack a support system. I’ve written a post that that I hope helps sufferers as they struggle to wrap their minds around PSSD. I’ve tried to make it optimistic for the future, but also honest about the realities of PSSD.

I’m the moderator of the PSSD Subreddit, and an admin at the PSSD Forum. Both of these sites are great ways to meet other sufferers to discuss your story and what you’ve tried.

I hope that the resources above are helpful. If you have any questions or comments about anything PSSD, I can be contacted by email at


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If you think you have PSSD, you might want to be sure first. Check out the diagnostics page.





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